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1. Network

Early in the process White Forest investigates opportunities across its network for the specific situation of our client: which advisors can add most value, which reference cases have we been involved in previously?

2. Analysis

During this phase, after a thorough and objective analysis of the strategic plans of the organization, the impact on the short- and long-term funding need is determined.

Subsequently, various viable financing structures are determined, respectively with a focus on either cost minimization, maximum flexibility and risk reduction for organization and/or shareholders.

In addition to bank financing all alternative forms of funding, including private debt and equity, are included in this analysis.

After careful consideration of the pros and cons of different options the optimal desired structure will be described in detailed term sheets.

3. Long list

Depending on the desired structure a long list of potential financing parties from the network of White Forest (and potentially that of our the client) will be prepared and the best timing to approach the market will be determined .

4. Short list

After receiving indications from the market feasibility and conditionsa short list is determined, to whom a full information memorandum will be supplied. After initial discussions and/or negotiations short list of final funders is made.

After another round of discussions and/or negotiations the choice of financiering will be finalized.

5. Closing

The selected parties will then be asked to submit committed proposals, which after final negotiations will be incorporated in the legal documentation.

After thorough screening and (where necessary) adjustments of the final documentation, the process will be concluded by a financial closing and implementation of the new financing structure.

6. Relationship

During the whole process, where appropriate specialists (tax experts, lawyers, etc.) are involved to ensure that the structure is directly optimized on all relevant aspects.

After the closing, the White Forest team will continue to monitor developments in the financial markets and the situation of it’s client, to ensure that the financing structure and conditions remain optimal and are adjusted if necessary. This reflects the long-term win-win relationship focus in our business model.

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